You can no longer purchase the Memey!

Memey Update 6.7.0: There were multiple bugs after our last update so this update fixed them all!

Memey Update 6.7.1: People have been submitting many complaints saying that their console would blue screen randomly, well it appears as the reason for that was because there was an error in the code for update 6.7.0. But we fixed it!

Memey Update 6.7.2: Well, here it is. This is the final major update for the Memey, We fixed a severe issue where games would randomly stop installing. We checked every bit of code and it is all good.

Memey Update 6.7.3: Here it is, the final ever update of the Memey. This was truly a very successful console. Before we released this console it got 1.4 Million pre-orders on metacritic. And when we released the console back in Febuary 2017, it got over 2.2 Million purchases. This update is just a security update so nothing major. Farewell is time to bring in a new generation...Rogue.

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