December 27th: Hide From Them is currently being worked on, my original plan was to release the game December 26th or today, but that clearly wont happen. I now plan to make you wait until 2018 LMAO XDDDDDDDDDD but I might release it before then lmao xdddddddddddddd

December 29th: Hide From Them is going to have 3 levels because 3 is the amount of sides that a triangle has and triangle is illuminati and twuny wun savij likes the illuminati xdddddddd

January 1st 2018: is now 2018. I just wanted to say that Hide From Them is still being worked on, in fact, it is almost complete.

January 3rd 2018: There is a decent chance that Hide From Them will officially release today...but I said decent. I will try my best to release Hide From Them today but It may not happen.

January 3rd 2018: Hide From Them is I would say 96% complete! So hopes for it being released today have risen!

January 3rd 2018: Hide From Them has been released!! Check the Hide From Them page for the download!!!

January 7th 2018: Hide From them V1.5 is in the making!

January 10th 2018: It took a while but Hide From Them V1.5 is has been released!! Check the Hide From Them Page for the download!!!

May 10th 2018: Hide From Them V2.0 is out!

May 11th 2018: Hide From Negative has been released!

July 6th 2018: Hide From Them 2 has been released!